Bathroom Remodeling Makes the Home Safer for Elderly and Disabled Individuals

People who wish to continue living in their homes during their elderly years would be wise to have some home remodeling done, especially if they’ve already developed a condition that may become somewhat disabling. A skilled contractor is ready to do complete renovation projects that provide better accommodations for elderly and disabled individuals, for example. Attending to bathroom design is important because accidents are common in this room, even among younger individuals. Wet bathtub and shower floors tend to be slick, and even dry surfaces such as ceramic tile or linoleum can be slippery.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has found that each year, more than a quarter-million people over the age of 15 receive emergency room treatment for an injury that occurred in a bathroom. Many require hospitalization. Accidents in the bathtub and shower are some of the most common, but interestingly, that’s not where the oldest people tend to suffer an injury. Their injuries are mainly associated with attempts to use the toilet or get up from this fixture. Accidents associated with bathing are much more likely to occur when the person is exiting compared with entering, which is likely connected with the wet surface problem.


A contractor who does bathroom remodeling can modify the room so it is safer for elderly and disabled individuals. One of the top most recommended features for the bathroom is the grab bar. Grab bars should be installed by the toilet, so people who experience weakness and balance problems don’t fall while trying to get up. Grab bars in the shower and bathtub provide stability and prevent falls. Bars should also be placed at the areas where people exit the tub and shower. Other than a mirror, it may be advisable to remove glass features in the room, which make falls even more dangerous.

Textured flooring can replace a smooth surface. Bathtubs and shower stalls also are available with textured floor surfaces, but it should be noted that some people find these surfaces hard to keep clean. An elderly or disabled person will not want this extra inconvenience if he or she is still handling all or most of the home cleaning.

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